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Photo Albums

Just another day at the office Just another day at the office Jessi My Assistant 201730701 Millbrook, N.Y. Renovation 201730702 Millbrook, N.Y. Renovation almost done 201730703 Millbrook, N.Y. Pool /Pond restoration 201730704 Smithfield, N.Y. New Driveway and Steel Edging 201730705 Stanfordville N.Y. Installing Horse Waterers in February. 0 degrees 201730706 Stanfordville, N.Y. Installing horse waterers, the ground is frozen inside also. 201730708 Standfordville, N.Y. Installing horse waterers 201730709 Millbrook, N.Y. House water line trenching in December 201730710 Millbrook, N.Y. Its cold but the view is worth it. 201730711 Millbrook, N.Y. Ice road truckers 201730712 Millbrook, N.Y. Winter of 2015 201730713 Stanfordville N.Y. Winter of 2015 201730714 Millbrook, N.y. Blowing off the Greens at the Golf and Tennis Club 201730715 Millbrook, N.Y. 30" door? No Problem. 201730716 Millbrook, N.y. In the Kitchen 201730717 Millbrook, N.Y. Trenching through existing slab for new drains 201730718 Millbrook, N.Y. Stone Patio preparation 201730720 Millbrook, N.Y. No Snow this time 201730721 Millbrook, N.Y. There's that view again. 201730722 Millbrook, N.Y. Lawn Grading. 201730723 Millbrook, N.Y. Lawn Grading. 201730724 Stanfordville, N.Y. Utility Trenching through Shale ledge 201730725 Clinton, N.Y. Tennis Court Preparation. Laser guided grading within .25" and sloped 4 directions. 201730726 Clinton N.Y. Tennis Court Preparation. Compacting Stone dust prior to Turf install. 201730727 Millbrook, N.Y. Rock Removal for Stone Patio 201730728 Millbrook, N.Y. Rock removed, Walls are done. 201730729 Stanfordville N.Y. A nice thing to see when the job is completed. 201730730 Shop A pallet of Agri- Drains for a 3 pond project. 201730731 Stanfordville, N.Y. New Pole Barn Site Work 201730732 Stanfordville, N.Y. New Barn, Stone base prepared for concrete Aprons 201730733 Stanfordville, N.Y. Horse waterer installation 201730734 Millbrook, N.Y. Landclearing in a great spot. 201730735 Rhinebeck, N.Y. Barn Renovation / Shed Demo. 201730736 Rhinebeck, N.Y. Barn Renovation, foundation demo preparation. 201730737 Rhinebeck, N.Y. Silo Demo preparation. 201730738 Rhinebeck, N.Y. Barn Renovation. 201730739 Millbrook, N.Y. Lawn Expansion, Terracing slope. 201730740 203935472 203935473